What's that thing on your face, Dad?

No guard rails, awesome.

This mule deer jumped up in front of us as we went out of bounds at Glacier Point in Yosemite. It was scaling a pretty steep incline.

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Fluffy clouds are fluffy

Now that the “skeleton” is in place, I’m thinking this thing needs some skin.  I picked up these 4’x8’ sheets of plywood at Home Depot.  They cost a bit more than I feel like they should.  Something like $25 a piece.  But it’s about the only thing that will work for this. The other thing is it’s impossible to find a sheet that is perfectly flat.  Makes them tough to cut in the extreme cases.

The prototype for this is easy: two clamps and a sheet :)

IMG 5539

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Red alert!

Let me start this off by saying that the nose cone of my “couple-weekends-only” project is my arch-nemisis. It’s taken easily half the effort of this project.

I swear I aced geometry in highschool…

So this is where we are at:

Obviously, if we put walls on this thing, it won’t be very aerodynamic. So we need some sort of a nose cone. Seems simple…

Oh man, it is not. <Read on…>

No filters necessary.

You can’t fly a spaceship or entertain young children unless you have some cool interactions. Let’s think this through…

The second row of seating (Communications and Navigation Officer) doesn’t have a nearby wall to mount panels to. We’ll need to integrate something with the nose cone…

That’s a start. From the side?

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