My second full project contribution to the Open Source community, P4Java is a java library for interacting with Perforce.  It picked up where the official library from Perforce, P4J, left off.  (It left, much, much to be desired.  You couldn’t even use it with servers that required login via tickets)  There are even a few committers on the project.  Among other projects, it is used in things like the Hudson Continuous Integration server. (

P4Java is located here:

However, earlier this year, Perforce came out with a new library that completely replaces the original one they wrote.  In addition, it is completely native so you don’t need to install the p4 client.  I believe, it is pretty close to a total feature complete client.  So that is way cool.

What isn’t way cool?  That they ripped off the name, P4Java without even asking.  They just up and announced “P4Java is here!”  Hey thanks guys, I would have been happy to say go right ahead and use it.  Maybe you could have even said thanks for saving your ass for years while there wasn’t a suitable library from your own company?

Bitter?  Yes.  That’s just plain uncouth.  So you won’t find a link to the new library here.  Search for “perforce java library” on google.  See which comes up. (not theirs)