I was just trying out the latest state of UML tools for Eclipse and gave a look at the apparent industry heavyweight, Omondo. Since the beginning, they always seemed like they would end up on top. So I went and downloaded version 3.2.0.

My initial impression was that this was a quality product and one that I would actually consider buying at work. For home use, I would just stick with the free version. But then I ran into some trouble.

On Omondo’s feature list comparing the free to paid for version, it shows Team solution and that the free edition doesn’t have that. Okay, no problem. I’m not that lazy that I need to have eclipse check out my diagram files for me. I can take the extra step and check them out within Perforce.

But no. They aren’t saying there is no team integration for diagram files. They are saying you can’t use the Team Feature of Eclipse AT ALL! This is even the case in projects that do not use Omondo’s UML diagram tool!

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JEditAs with any programmer, I have a set of tools I use on a frequent basis. Coming from a Windows background, you need a powerful text editor for basic tasks. It needs the ability to read files coming in from Unix as well as Windows, hopefully has the capability to run external programs, an easy interface for working with large file sets, and maybe syntax highlighting.

If I’m on a *nix machine and coming in over a terminal, I will be using Vim. When I’m on Windows, I used to use EditPlus. Now, I’m finding myself more and more on different operating systems but working with the same set of files. So I decided to see what was available that was cross platform and didn’t run in a terminal window.

jEdit rose to the top. However, I had a few issues to get past. The first and foremost being the non-native look and feel of a Java Swing application. Not a java application, but a Swing application… Important distinction.

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I have been using Perforce for over 4 years now. The one task I find myself having to do infrequently enough that I forget it is adding an entire directory tree of files at once. There is no easy way to do this in P4Win. And P4V just doesn’t perform and doesn’t look right. In Windows, open up a command prompt and type in:

dir /b /s /a-d | p4 -x - add

Now why can’t I remember that?