I just bought my wife an iPhone after two years of her hating mine.  She downright despised it.  Then her killerapp came along and she just had to have it.  (I won’t tell you what app it is, but I’m sure you can guess it has something to do with Women’s insecurities. 😉

With both of us having access to the supreme mobile device on the planet (come on android and webos!  I’m rooting for you!), I decided to go ahead and buy a MobileMe account so we could have immediate access to a shared calendar.  Gosh, I’ve lived without it for so long, (How long ago was I using Palm Treos?)  I forgot how much I wanted it.

Buying a MobileMe subscription at the same time as your phone nets you $30 off.  I highly recommend it.

However, despite all that MobileMe offers, my hopes and dreams… kaput. <Read on…>

I have an iPhone. I have had one since the first hour it went on sale. My wife stood inline on the day of the launch a week before our wedding. Yeah, I’m a lucky guy. 🙂

In my eyes there is nothing out there that comes close.


That’s a big BUT.

There are some things that annoy the ever living snot out of me. As you can tell from this site, Kelly just gave birth. At one of the major events in my life, I’m holding in one hand my newborn son, in the other, the most technologically advanced phone on the planet.

And I can’t even SEND A PICTURE of him to all my family and friends!

With the imminent launch of iPhone 2.0, my blood boils at the thought of one more year without MMS.

(And for any of you freaks that say, “but you can email!” Go get your head checked. There is a time for email and there is a time for MMS.)

I’ve held back from writing anything about the iPhone because its such a hot topic and, invariably, there is someone who will say it better than me.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much in the way said about my top issues with the phone. I really can’t believe how few people complain about these annoyances.

First, let me say that the iPhone is, without a second thought, the best cellphone on the market. I have always joked about how if my wife needed to dial 9-1-1 after we were in a car accident and I was lying unconcious with life bleeding out of me, I wouldn’t survive. She wouldn’t have figured out how to make a call! With the iPhone, I now know I will survive the crash. Well, really, at least the ambulance will know to come…

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Nothing in this world makes less sense then how Apple decided to make Home, End, Page-Up, and Page-Down work.

I’m not sure where, when, and why this started. But on every other modern day operating system, these keys work like this:

- Home -> move the cursor to the beginning of the line
- End -> move the cursor to the end of the line
- Pg-Up -> move the cursor up the length of the viewport
- Pg-Dn -> move the cursor down the length of the viewport

Now I don’t know why I am even repeating these descriptions. As much as the sky is blue and earth is below our feet, everyone knows what these buttons do.

Unless you are on a Mac. <Read on…>

Goodbye Sprint. Goodbye Nextel.

Here I come Cingular.

As I stated in a few posts ago I switched to Verizon from Sprint after 10 years. I changed jobs and work says that Verizon is more convenient for everyone. And, hey, they have way better coverage anyhow! Right? Okay, fine, I’ll pay the early termination to get out of my Sprint agreement if you (work) buy me a new 700p to replace my 650. Sweet deal! Right?


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I’m not one to bash Treo Smart Phones or Palm itself. I’m quite a fan actually. I’ve owned both the 650 and 700p. Unfortunately, for people who enjoy tools that are not overly complex and easy to use, Palm is going down the drain.

My 650 was fairly stable. Once in a while it would reboot for no apparent reason but it never affected what I was doing. It never happened during a phone call and was usually when I picked it up the first time and hit power.

I used to tell people to stay as far away from Windows Mobile as you can. Here’s the line I tell everyone. If my girlfriend and I were in a car accident and I was unconscious while she was awake, would she be able to pick up my Windows Mobile phone (specifically, my Verizon Wireless XV6700) and dial 911 to save my dying body? Not a chance in hell. I wouldn’t be typing this story right now.

<Read on…>

[UPDATE: Of course, a year and 2 months after I wrote this, I switched to a Mac for full-time use.]

I just got a new workstation from Dell. It’s a doozy and while not the fastest machine available, by far, the fastest machine I’ve worked on. Whew. We picked it up from the Dell Outlet. It’s a refurbished unit but offers the same warranty as a new PC. How can you go wrong? So price for performance, its the fastest machine out there.

At any rate, I’m pissed. I’ve long known about the Windows Genuine Advantage bullshit, but never really experienced it until now. At work, I was able to avoid installing WGA because of our corporate licensing. This new PC for my home comes with XP Professional. What’s the first thing you do with any new Windows machine? Yep, go and download all of the updates. (Not go and have fun with it like you would on some other machines.)

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I’ve about f’ing had it with Verizon. Don’t even get me started on, “Can you hear me now.”

On an aside, I’ve had more dropped calls from Verizon in two weeks then in the past 6 months with Sprint. Maybe its the area I’m in, northern Detroit Metro, but Verizon has horrible service.

I cannot get email or calendar to be pushed to my phone from Doner. I could with Sprint. I’ve spent the past hour and a half trying to setup Verizon’s PC client to forward mail to my phone. (Which by the way is 13.4 times needlessly more complex the Sprint solution) I need to do this because my company doesn’t allow IMAP from the outside and they don’t support anything but blackberries, yet.

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So I just switched to verizon wireless from Sprint after NINE years!

I wouldn’t have done it, except for the fact that my employer wants everyone on Verizon.

Now I am starting to regret that. I have a Treo 700p. With Sprint, a Treo 650p. So, with Verizon I have to get the smart phone plan with data minutes. Or, whatever the hell they call it.

I’m paying an extra $45 a month more than I did with Sprint! For the exact same service! Well actually, I’m on the 1350 minutes plan with Verzion, I had 900 with Sprint. Verizon doesn’t have anything lower besides 450 minutes when you are on the Smartphone plan. But to me, its the equivalent plan. I don’t get anything extra out of the deal. And besides, The difference between 900 minutes and 1350 is not $45. They freakin rob you blind.

The coverage area I’m in really doesn’t seem to be at all better than Sprint. I get the same number of bars just about everywhere I’m at. Oh well.

If you follow Apple, you already know that there is a new campaign out there. I love these spots. It seems to piss a lot of people off, but damn are they funny. I come from the advertising industry and they are pure genious in both the explicit and the subliminal messages.


Over at Ctr+Alt+Del they have posted a great spoof on the campaign. I laughed out loud in the middle of our quiet little office when I read the last frame.