I’m 36.I’m married to Kelly. The spiciest lady on the planet.

I have a six year old named David, a five year old named Alec, a three year old named Lane, and a 1 year old daughter named Nora. The four cutest kids you will ever see. :p

I’ve been professionally creating things for 19 years …mostly as a developer. But I hold much appreciation for the design side of things.

My last application I worked on sold to a private party for “large sums of money.”
I saw none of it. :/

My application before that was in use on over 14,000 websites (in 2001).

Wifey and Me

Wifey and Me

By Day?

I am partner in a startup called Brilliant Chemistry that helps Venture Capitalists bring products to market. The most recent project we’ve created is called SideDolla.  It’s a network for finding side work.I used to work for Doner Advertising, the largest privately owned advertising agency in the U.S. I was in charge of “Application Development”. Our largest application had over 16,000 users and a growth rate of about 40% a year. (That’s pretty substantial!)

I like to build critical-to-the-business applications so I tend to build things with tools that can scale and that can perform. These are not “throw away” apps either. Every one is developed with an assumed life expectancy of at least 10 years, more often longer depending on the business. That doesn’t sound like a long time, but in our industry, its forever minus 5 years.

I’m a Java expert. I submerse myself in any relevant technology out there. Lately it’s iOS, Rails, and forging steel. 😉

End of Big Air

Smooth Landing

By Night?

In my psych class in college, I read that its common for people to require more or less stimuli then normal to reach an excited state. Interesting…I like fire. I like speed. I like big air. Though I don’t like heights, which is weird. I like to accelerate more, brake late, and carve tight turns. Overall, I like to push the limits and boundaries of whatever the hell it is that I am doing.

I am a dog lover. I ski *and* snowboard. Kids these days should still learn to ski first. They need to respect their elders and the people that made it all happen. I prefer dirt bikes to four wheelers. Though, all gas powered vehicles turn me on. I drive a lifted Jeep Wrangler with big tires and gadgets for off-pavement activities. The best sport in the world is soccer, the runner up is hockey, followed by baseball and volleyball.

Way too Fast

Way too Fast