Bootstrap 4 is moving from LESS to Sass!

In the early days of bootstrap, we had to rely on outside developers maintaining a port of bootstrap in Sass so that we could integrate with our existing Sass projects.  It got better with Bootstrap 2 and an official Sass repo. But it always felt an after thought and you would get some strange problems every once in awhile as the main developers were lax in focusing on the Sass side of things.

I never understood the infatuation with Less.  I think it was more a designer thing while Sass was more of a developer thing.  Because you could plug a javascript library into your browser, a designer with no coding ability could get a handle on CSS that much easier.

But Sass is just better and why the hell would we precompile our CSS framework on every page load?  Crazy pants!  (Of course, Bootstrap used the precompiled Less output and didn’t use the javascript version).

This is great!

There is a lot of good stuff coming in 4 but the other standout is the new first party themes available for purchase.  They are very, very slick.  Check them out:

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