This is one post in a series detailing the construction of my kids "Spaceship." See them all here.

A platform with castor wheels does not a spaceship make.

Let’s see about some walls. The depth and width of the ship so is 5’x5’. Because I’m shooting from the hip, I’ll make the walls 5’ tall as well.

Here we are:

That’s just cheap 2×2 from Home Depot. It is a total pain in the rear to find enough of that stock that is straight and true. But it’s really cheap. I initially made the mistake of just picking up an entire bundle banded to gether. Thought it looked straight. Took it home and cut the bands and the stuff just exploded in every direction. Sad Panda.

You’ll notice a single opening for a doorway, here. My thought is to have some pod bay doors that swing down and up.

One of my goals is to get my young kids exposed to simple machines. I have an idea on how to make the two doors swing out at the same time using pulleys. More on that as the build progresses.

The Seats

I have some drawings around here I need to find.  I’ll post what I’m thinking… Basically, four places to sit.  Raised seating in the back.  Pilot, Co-pilot up-front.  Navigations and Communications officer up-back.

In the mean time, here I’m trying to whip up a prototype to gauge size of what I’m building. You can see the step up in the back.

Initially, I drew out three main rows of wood for supports. But I’m a computer programmer, I have little idea how much wood is structurally necessary. Seeing it in the prototype, this doesn’t need three rows. That’s overkill.

I think I’m close, a few dimensions get shorter.  (That front seat is way to deep for little kids)

I wish I had more photos of the in progress.  I keep forgetting to take pictures.  Fast forward to what the prototype evolved to:

It’s a bit hard to see now with the walls, there is a lot of wood shooting in every direction!

Here is another angle:

Not sure if you can see what I’m going for but basically, a square is ridiculously weak. There are going to be 4 – 6 kids (at least 3 boys) in this at any one time. I’m adding strength by throwing in these angle braces all over the place. And maybe, just maybe, trying to justify that amazing compound mitre saw I got for Christmas from my parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Okay, let’s get some actual seats on that structure…

Picture is starting to get clear now, right?

The kids like it!

Okay, that’s all for now.

Next post I’ll talk about the huge mistake I just realized I made.  Not sure what to do about it yet.


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