This is one post in a series detailing the construction of my kids "Spaceship." See them all here.

It all began when Kelly’s Grandfather passed away.

People were sharing their memories. He was a great man. Kind and thoughtful and caring. Kelly’s mom talked about how when she was 6 years old, he built her a play house one weekend.  She had so much fun and all the kids in the neighborhood loved it.

I was inspired to do the same for my kids. We had recently visited a children’s museum and they had a cool area with a little wooden box for a place to pretend to fly in outerspace.

Well, that’s right up my alley. I decided I would build a space ship.

I really didn’t have a plan. I opened up my moleskin and started sketching some thoughts. I’m not an artist by any means. But my rudimentary sketches help me realize the terrible ideas from the slightly less terrible ideas…

The next weekend, I stopped by home depot and came home with lumber.  Lot’s of it.

I’m building this thing in my basement shop. It’s funny when people ask, how are you going to get it up the stairs, it’s big! Luckily, I have a double shop door that opens up to the back yard.

I started with a 5’x5’ platform:

Alec is playing with one of the castors I picked up from Harbor Freight.

I added some plywood on top and the castors… (Luckily, the castors have brakes. The next picture would have been the kids falling over…)

Here is the underside with reinforced ribs…

Again, no plan here, just going with what makes sense.

More updates as we build…


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