I’m proud to announce the launch of DesignPad, an iPad app for drawing out your ideas.

We do a lot of ideation at my company, Brilliant Chemistry. DesignPad helps with visualizing your ideas and explaining them to someone else. It’s a great communication tool, on top of being a drawing app.

One of my favorite features is the snap-to-grid drawing mode. You can toggle a grid, reminiscent of my favorite paper drawing pads and when you draw, your line sticks to the grid lines. This is great when you need to quick layout some dialog boxes or windows or floor plans or whatever. Then you switch back to free hand and draw in the details.

Zoom mode is great. Unlike other drawing apps that allow you to zoom, the brush size changes to match your zoom level. You can get some pretty intricate detail with this.

Of course, everything is vector. So when you print out your drawings, they look as good as they did on the Retina screen of the iPad.

Get it now while it’s 50% off!

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