For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated the tools out there for managing domains. Except for a brief, very happy period when I hosted my own bind servers, I’ve been using the
services of others. And they all stink. Off the top of my head I’ve used:

  • Inexpensive Domains
  • GoDaddy
  • Moniker

Inexpensive Domains was actually great until they adopted the GoDaddy interface. GoDaddy is just the suck and is one of the worst internet companies in my opinion. Moniker looks like someone outsourced the development of the tools and neither party spoke the same language. I’ve looked at many others but they aren’t worth mentioning.

I started using a little over two years ago. They have been good for a few reasons:

  • You can register international domains
  • Very powerful DNS management. Though it is confusing and difficult to get the hang of.
  • Did I mention flexible DNS? You can set any TTL you want. You have complete control of the zone file. Love it.

However, has some negatives. The management interface is very slow to load. (Not as bad as GoDaddy, though) You can’t auto renew a domain unless you pre-purchase and store funds in your account. They are in France which triggers a fraud alert every.single.time. I put my card through. The death stroke is that it takes 15 minutes for a zone file edit to get pushed to their name servers. Grrr, that one can piss you off during an application upgrade.

And then today, I found DNSimple. These guys look like they have it all. Auto renewals. International domains. Full control over DNS records (though not at the raw zone file level). And very reasonable pricing. It’s cheaper than Amazon’s DNS service. Plus they offer RapidSSL certificates. Finally, a one stop shop.

I just signed up. I’m going to give them a test and then migrate the rest Check them out: DNSimple. If you use that link, you can get 2 free months of service!

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