These days, I often find myself at Step 1 of a very large project. How am I ever going to get it all done?

Let’s think about something different then software for a moment.

Here is my default thought process in the morning:

Alarm goes off. Groggy. I have to exercise. Think about getting up. Must exercise. Ugh, it’s so much work. I’ll just hit snooze one more time. Repeat for an hour.

Here is my new, revised thought process:

Alarm goes off. Don’t hit snooze. Just sit up. Swing feet off the bed. Stand up, put shorts on. Take a piss. Grab a shirt. Put on socks. Put on shoes. Go down stairs. Turn on the treadmill. Start running.

At each step of the process, I’m only thinking about one thing: the next item on my mental list.

Okay, now I’m putting my shoes on. I only have to put my shoes on right now. That is it. That is easy. Okay, time to go down stairs. One foot in front of the other, one step down at a time, that is it.

That process works a whole hell of a lot better than just thinking about everything I have to do. All at once. This isn’t a revelation, I’m sure. But doing it and really clearing your mind of everything except just the next step is something I found took practice.

Now, let’s jump back to software development. This is going to take 6 months and a hundred thousand lines of code. So how are we ever going to get it done?

“File > New Project…”

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