I just bought my wife an iPhone after two years of her hating mine.  She downright despised it.  Then her killerapp came along and she just had to have it.  (I won’t tell you what app it is, but I’m sure you can guess it has something to do with Women’s insecurities. 😉

With both of us having access to the supreme mobile device on the planet (come on android and webos!  I’m rooting for you!), I decided to go ahead and buy a MobileMe account so we could have immediate access to a shared calendar.  Gosh, I’ve lived without it for so long, (How long ago was I using Palm Treos?)  I forgot how much I wanted it.

Buying a MobileMe subscription at the same time as your phone nets you $30 off.  I highly recommend it.

However, despite all that MobileMe offers, my hopes and dreams… kaput.

Very quickly you discover that MobileMe is a one user system, by default.  You have to spend $50 to add up to 5 more users.  That sucks.  But the allure of on-the-go, shared data between cohabitants is just too tasty pass up.  So after spending (unapproved by the wifey) 60 bucks on software, I go and drop another 50.  Again, unapproved by the CEO.  I eagerly setup her account.

I should stop right here and mention that all the while I’m greedily blowing cash and trying out MobileMe’s fanciness, she is loading up her contacts on her new Shiny.  It’s great peace and quiet that I don’t see any more ;).  What I fail to realize is how much work she is spending on entering contacts.  Crikey, she has like a few hundred.  Stay with me a few more paragraphs for that punchline.

So I’ve set up her username in MobileMe and I go knock the phone out of her hands and pick it up as if I just claimed the top of the grassy hill.  Her screams and shaking resemble something along the lines of a heroine addict as the first few sober hours kick in.  “Shut up!” I tell her.  “This is gonna be cool, I promise.”  Little do I know, her technological dreams do not cross paths with mine.

I add her new MobileMe account to the phone.  Everything has sync’d up and I eagerly await the rapture.

Which never comes.

I jump into my calendar in MobileMe and create an event.  I’m starting to think, “I wonder how they know to sync this event with all MobileMe accounts, this is so slick…”  Wait.  Wait, just a minute.  My little shiny has the new calendar event…  But wife’s shiny doesn’t.  Wuh?


You are kidding me.  This is so not slick.  MobileMe can’t share calendars between accounts?  What the fuck use is that?  The very goddamn reason I want to use MobileMe doesn’t exist!

Seriously.  MobileMe Email isn’t useful.  IMAP solves that dilema.  Contacts?  Ehh.  That’s what my USB Cable is for.  It’s much cheaper than MobileMe.  Photos and iDisk?  Who cares?  MobileMe IS my CALENDAR sync.

Okay, a few deep breaths.  I’ve gone without it this long, let’s just stop thinking about it and turn up the music.

Apple was great about refunding the $50 for the extra accounts.  Apple was NOT great in how they devised people want to handle removing MobileMe accounts…

Wifey says, “Give me back my SHINY!”

“Two seconds, babe.  Just have to undo what I did.”

Delete MobileMe Account.


Okay, babe, here you go.

Remember all of that silence earlier?  All that tap, tap, tapping?  Apparently… let me take a deep breath…

Apparently… MobileMe accounts don’t go quietly into the night.  They take ALL YER SHIT with them when they go.  Deleting the MobileMe account wipes out all of the contacts it was managing, even if you entered those in before MobileMe was on the phone.

Thanks.  Thanks, so much Apple.  You Ass.

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