Also known as, Red Dawn 2: The birth of incentives

Back in October they were filming parts of Red Dawn 2 in Detroit.  It was funny because I was down there visiting a client and had troubles getting into the parking garage.  When I turned off of Jefferson onto Griswold, I looked up and saw a strange sight.  I hadn’t remembered that my client was so close to the police station.  Additionally, I was surprised that the police department was throwing a gala event… at 3 in the afternoon??


That’s the view from the office above, after I got into the building.  When I was pulling into the parking garage beneath the building, I had to push through some people on headsets.  So strange, what was going on?  At the last moment of completing my turn, my right mirror missed the huge lens of a film camera by millimeters.  Someone almost had a heart attack!

We were on a conference call with 3Tera for about 30 minutes and periodically, you would hear machine gun fire and explosions.  A car was even blown up!


Here are a few other shots:

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