For the past 9 months and change, I have been working on a new application and company to support it. We are getting ready to go live soon.

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The application is called flowzit and it exists simply because so many people in the creative world have no way to convey their productions to people inside and outside their company. It is the first in a suite of applications aimed directly at solving tiny to small to medium sized business needs.

It has been a real challenge. It is the first after hours project I’ve worked on that actually has funding. So the first four months or so I was working at home and it *was* my job. Working out of a home office could be an entire discussion in itself. I won’t touch it now other than to say that I was dying to get out of the house by the end of it. Luckily, in March, we found office space in a sweet building at half the going market rate. Yowza!

I’m now working on polishing the app and putting the websites together. Soon, baby soon.

The company: and the product:

Check them out, now or later. Either way, you’ll hear about us in the news someday.

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