A recent issue of Time goes into the sorry state of affairs in Michigan in the context of the election season:


It is interesting to hear from a national source on how bad things are here in Michigan. You talk to people here about jobs and the economy and its as if the world is ending (or pretty darn close). Outside of this state, people respond as if the economy is just plain fine. It was confusing until you look at the numbers outside… Michigan has the highest unemployment rate and 1 in 20 houses are in or near foreclosure!

Anecdotal evidence… I can’t tell you how many local resumes I have looked at in the past year looking for programmers that are experienced in the tech we use. Not a single one gets a thumbs up. The only candidates we found were outside of the state. So our search has to be centered around “willing to relocate.” We found two perfect matches recently. One from South Carolina and one from Oklahoma. Both were willing to relocate. However, when they asked, “where to?” and found it was Michigan, they suddenly weren’t willing to relocate any more.


Only one choice left…

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