I’m now full time on a Mac and am currently exploring Solaris for use in a production cluster. Mainly because of ZFS, which is the most fabulous new thing to happen to IT in 8 years. I’m installing it as a VMWare guest OS on my Mac. Over the past two months or so, I have tried to install Solaris 10 at least 10 times with no success. It always locks up hard right around 50% at something like “preparing install.”

It is the most frustrating thing in the world right now. Well, really, a close second behind Michigan roads.

But today I found this page:


Down towards the bottom is a message that Solaris needs a minimum of 490 MB RAM + 50 MB for each NIC. By default, VMWare Fusion creates 512 MB RAM for new virtual machines. I was just using the default. Sure enough, upping to something more than 540 works.

So, apparently, I was 28 MB shy of success. Hrmph!

Yes, I should have paid more attention there. Especially, as a developer and a system admin.

But had either of those two been my products, I would have made sure that could not happen. 1. Solaris setup should check the hardware for meeting the minimum requirements. Only because there it dies in such a way that there is no message on why it died. 2. When creating a new VMWare Virtual Machine, and you choose Operating System: Sun Solaris, VMWare should change the default RAM to meet the minimum requirements. It is already, obviously, doing other things specific to Solaris.

I wouldn’t expect this out of any company. However, I would be more happy about giving my money to a company that did.

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  1. mike says:

    It looks like the latest version of VMWare Fusion actually does what I suggested. I just upgraded Fusion and created a new Solaris install and the default RAM was 540 MB and not 512!

  2. Eric Banks says:

    Hey Mike,

    Where did you get the ISO from for the Solaris 10 OS to use of VMWare Fusion?



  3. Temple says:

    Hey thanks Mike!

    I’ve been hearing about VMWare for ages and decided to install Solaris 10 X86 to keep my UNIX skills up without the hassle and cost of another box. Also wanted to see VMWare in action for myself.

    What followed was hours of frustration as the installs kepts freezing up at various places. I was susccesful a couple of times, but only with the user only install which was inadequate for my purposes.

    Finally found your page, kicked up the memory and voila…worked like a charm.

    I’m grateful but a also a little PO’d at the VMWare folks. You’d think that if the recommended states 512..then hey, it would only require 512…Hah…silly me! Like you said, had I anything to do with it, I’d have an option for the program to set memory require to match…well…. reality…again, silly me.

    Anyway thanks for th heads up. Works fine now.

  4. mike says:

    Glad to hear it helped!

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