I have an iPhone. I have had one since the first hour it went on sale. My wife stood inline on the day of the launch a week before our wedding. Yeah, I’m a lucky guy. 🙂

In my eyes there is nothing out there that comes close.


That’s a big BUT.

There are some things that annoy the ever living snot out of me. As you can tell from this site, Kelly just gave birth. At one of the major events in my life, I’m holding in one hand my newborn son, in the other, the most technologically advanced phone on the planet.

And I can’t even SEND A PICTURE of him to all my family and friends!

With the imminent launch of iPhone 2.0, my blood boils at the thought of one more year without MMS.

(And for any of you freaks that say, “but you can email!” Go get your head checked. There is a time for email and there is a time for MMS.)

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