If you have ever had a drink with me, (and especially since David was born, that is a lot of you…) then you probably have heard me talk about Tequila. Well, now you can get crib notes and skip listening to my lecture. Check out this website:


A great read on the different types of Tequila. It even helps to explain why half of the US hates tequila… because they drank Jose Cuervo. The author goes too easy in describing Cuervo, however. There is no greater sin to happy hour than what Mr. has Cuervo committed. No other brand of cheap alcohol gives you such a terrible hangover. You can drink a 5 dollar 750 ml bottle of Vodka and feel better than you will with that carmel colored demon piss.

I tend to prefer Anejo (Aged) as opposed to Reposado (Rested) or Blanco tequila. My all time favorite tequila so far is El Tesoro’s Paradiso. Unfortunately, it is quite pricey, but it’s well worth it.

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