We are in the hospital now over Memorial weekend. Pregnancy related issues, but nothing serious. It has been 1 day now and they say it will be at least 2 more days until they would consider releasing us. However, given that Kelly is due on Friday, releasing us might just as well result in us going out one hospital door, and back in another.

What has surprised me about this trip is a few things. Number one being how dedicated OB/GYN doctors must be to pick this type of a career. There were 4 or 5 calls to our doctor at all hours since we arrived at the hospital. Then he came in to visit today. That is just one patient. I couldn’t begin to imagine his workload.

Number two is how INEFFICIENT our health care system really is. How many times are different people going to ask the same question? How many different people are going to not know what medication Kelly is prescribed? (Since she arrived at the hospital!) Handing out universal health care as the solution to our rising medical costs is just not the answer. There are so many other ways to decrease costs. More efficient health care would be just one. Universal health care is bandaid on a festering wound that is starting to smell a little like almonds. But that is another conversation.

The last thing is how surprised people are that a husband is sitting in the hospital with his wife. I’m not saying people are gushing about this and dropping dinner trays over it. But at least 4 hospital staff have remarked about how nice it is that I am here. Now, this isn’t something I would want to be congratulated about or even something I believe you should feel good about. It is simply the way it is! This is part of your duty as a spouse, isn’t it? Has our society’s family values fallen so far that people feel surprise at something so simple?

In one word… yes.

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