I’ve held back from writing anything about the iPhone because its such a hot topic and, invariably, there is someone who will say it better than me.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much in the way said about my top issues with the phone. I really can’t believe how few people complain about these annoyances.

First, let me say that the iPhone is, without a second thought, the best cellphone on the market. I have always joked about how if my wife needed to dial 9-1-1 after we were in a car accident and I was lying unconcious with life bleeding out of me, I wouldn’t survive. She wouldn’t have figured out how to make a call! With the iPhone, I now know I will survive the crash. Well, really, at least the ambulance will know to come…

There are so many things the iPhone does well. I don’t need to go into that here. However, there a few major annoyances with the iPhone. These are ranked in order from most annoying to least annoying:

1. No cut/copy/paste.
2. No MMS.
3. Lack of intelligence when unlocking the phone after a call.
4. Recent calls shows contact but not device.

Let me go into details and a use case for each.. No cut/copy/paste has been touted as needless in software that is designed correctly. I call B.S. Here is one scenario that I see at least 2 – 3 times a week: I routinely receive appointments with third parties for conference calls. Invariably, the conference call has a dial in number and a “conference code” or” passcode.” When the appointment alarm goes off on my phone, I bring up the appointment details to dial into the conference. Unfortunately, only sometimes is the dial in number highlighted to auto dial in the phone. Most of the time, both the dial in number and the conference code are just plain text. On my Palm Treo, I would simply cut and paste both numbers into the phone. With my iPhone, I either write it down on a piece of paper or try and memorize the numbers. Obviously, this is not “iPhone-syncratic.” WTF?! If you aren’t going to add cut and paste, then fix this situation!

2. No MMS. I figured this one would be screamed about much louder. I’m not going to bother with use cases. Its already been bandied about. What I am concerned with is that Apple will never get the point and never add MMS.

3. Lack of intelligence when unlocking the phone. Here is a typical use case. The phone rings and rings but I fail to answer it in time. Once I pick up the phone, it is still in locked mode. The screen shows the missed call and who it is. I slide the slider to unlock the phone and what is the first thing it does? It goes to the home screen! Why wouldn’t it go to the recent calls screen? That way I can immediately redial the person that just called. This can be extended out to text messages or any alert that shows up when the phone is locked. The last alert that appeared should be where the phone goes after being unlocked. Say its time for an appointment and its alert went off. Unlock the phone and that appointment should be the first screen. Grrr… this one is so simple that it just annoys the hell out of me that apple didn’t already incorporate it with version 1.0.

4. Recent calls shows contact and not device. This is a real pain in the ass. How hard is it to include the initial of the device that made the call like every other phone on this planet?

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