I tell everyone this story and I’ll continue to tell it because it is just so unique.

Early in our relationship I knew Kelly was right for me. It had only been seven weeks or so and we had already gone on two trips together. It was this second trip that we took to Silver Lake for Labor Day with some friends.

For those of you that don’t know, Silver Lake is on the west side of Michigan and actually is right on Lake Michigan. It is a state park and has an area of sand dunes that is great fun for ORVs. It has HUGE dunes…

Photo 005

Of course I took my Jeep…

Photo 004

So on the very first day we get out to the dunes we find this hill that is perfect for jumping. While, it wasn’t the tallest hill, nor the one I got the most air on, there is great visiblity all around and a place to take pictures from. So I take the camera and let Randy go by in his Jeep and take his picture. Now its Kelly and my turn at getting our picture taken. I say, “Are you ready?” She replies eagerly, “yeah go, you are too slow!”

So I floor it in “four low” and hit the jump. Nothing spectacular happened and we continued on playing in the dunes. I didn’t think anything of it. That is until Randy got the pictures developed! Here I am thinking that my girl is going to freak out over this trip with the “guys” and their “machines.” Nope…

Photo 001_0_0.preview

She is laughing and has her hands in the air like a rollercoaster! Now that’s my girl!

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