She is at it again!

Our glorious Governor and the state legislature are seriously considering putting a $100 million a year tax on every ticket to professional sporting events, shows, concerts, museums, zoos and movie tickets in Michigan. They are calling it a “luxury tax.”

Luxury tax?!?!

We are already paying a “Convenience Tax” to that sham Ticketmaster. Remember how your concert ticket prices jumped from $50 to $76.50 just because Ticketmaster has a stranglehold on concert venues?

Think about this, under the new law, Your already marked-up, ridiculous $9.00 movie ticket will cost $10.00. (The tax is 5%. But do you really think your local AMC is going to charge $9.45 and suddenly have to keep a bunch of change on hand? Hell no! They are going to take it as an excuse to mark it up to $10 to keep things simple.)

But, “Hey, what’s a lonely dollar, anyways?” Yeah, that’s what people were saying in the Colonies way back when. I say, stop taking what your government serves you and demand something better! This steak is not done, b#tch!

Let me put this another way. This is a tax on ENTERTAINMENT. They are calling it a luxury tax so people like you and me that work for a living will think it doesn’t affect us. But it does! I don’t know about you, but I love music, sports, movies, and every single thing on this list of “taxable goods.”

I’ll quote a comment from a Michigan website:

“How could our government be so stupid? Michigan is the poorest state in the union, people have lost their jobs, and we have no idea where we are headed and this is the only solution you can come up with? Just hurt us some more. Why not cut your high salaries, stop your fancy trips (like the one to Mackinac Island) and put a stop to your expenses. That should bring in a lot of money. When are you going to stop hurting the little people? We have been taxed so much that there isn’t anything left.”

–[by Anonymous Citizen on June 15, 2007]

So what can you do? Check out: and commit 5 minutes of your time to writing your senator, state rep, or even that A-Hole Governor. Then take another 5 minutes and tell every one of your friends about this ridiculous bill so that they too can tell our government what a g.d.r. idea this is.

-Mike Wille

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