I’m in the process of buying a new house. Unfortunately, Comcast Cable and CBCS Collection Agency are making that difficult to complete.

In January, my fiance and I start looking for a house to buy. After a fairly exhaustive search online, and only visiting a few prospects in person, we find one on Valentine’s day. Its a great house to start a family so we are excited.

Unfortunately, as the bank works its mortgage process, I find that I have a collection for $50 from Comcast Cable on my credit report. Of course, the bank complains about this and wants it fixed before we can go any further. I’m confident that the matter can be resolved quickly. You see I know what that $50 was for. It was a cable modem that was supposedly not returned when I moved out of my last apartment. Fortunately, I caught this guy almost a year ago when I moved into my current apartment. Back then I resolved it with Comcast (They found the cable modem). So why is it still on my credit report?

Its still there because Collection Agencies are legal, organized crime. Its a complete racket and there seems to be no regulation what so ever from my perspective. Here is my journal of trying to get this resolved. Spoiler Alert: It is still not even resolved.

Before I called Comcast I had the bank dispute the collection but agency, CBCS, came back and said it was a valid collection.

Tuesday 2/27 3:30 PM
Phone Rep: ??
I called Comcast and asked them about the fact that the $50 is still with a collection agency showing on my credit report. They were very apologetic and they said they would send out a letter tomorrow that would confirm the account is in good standing. Then they called CBCS to clear things up while I was still on the phone with them. CBCS told the Comcast rep that the collection was with another company and not with Comcast. But CBCS did not inform them of who the company was. Comcast informed me of the situation and gave me the number and person to call at CBCS. I was freaking out now. How could that be?

Tuesday 2/27 4:30 PM
Phone Rep: ??
I then called CBCS at the number Comcast gave me. I gave them my name and asked who this collection was for. They said it was for a Comcast Cable!!!!! They then were extremely rude and tried to get me to pay for the account using the worst of bed side manners. “This is an attempt to collect a dept, Michael…” But I wasn’t having that. There is no debt here. I repeatedly asked for their reference number and the rep kept asking in a louder and angrier tone “What is your address, Michael??” I hung up the phone.

Tuesday 2/27 4:45 PM
Phone Rep: ?? Different then first call
I then called Comcast back, but, unfortunately, was helped by another rep that wasn’t aware of the situation. I went through the whole spiel again and she said that they would research it and get back to me by Thursday (two business days). She was skeptical of the prior chain of events because She said that the first person I talked to didn’t have the authority to send out a letter without researching which takes two business days.

Friday 3/1 2:30 PM
Phone Rep: ??
I called comcast back to check on status. The rep said that the lady that would handle this was out and could she call me back. Left my name and phone number.

Monday 3/5 3:40 PM
Phone Rep: Lori

She said that she saw that there was $50 credit from back when the issue was originally resolved. On hold for 15 minutes. The agent says November 30, 2005 was when account when to collections, May 31, 2006 was when agency (CBCS) was notified that account was paid up (The credit was applied due to mistake being corrected from call on April 14).

The rep then created a report to send to the “collections department”. She requested an immediate phone call and expressed the urgency of the matter in the request. She said I should hear back in up to 5 business days. That would be March 12th.

Monday 3/12 – 3/15
I received no calls from comcast during this time.

Monday 3/19 – 3/23
No calls from Comcast or CBCS

Tuesday 3/27
I decided to try face to face. I visited the Clarkston Payment Office for Comcast. I talked to a lady there and after explaining the situation and her confirming it, she sent “on to her manager in the Royal Oak office” and that “The collection agency will be contacting me” I asked for some sort of proof of the manager receiving the forward, for proof of my visit, and a number I could call at the Royal Oak office. The response was the same for all of them, no dice. I asked if the manager would be contacting me. She said no. “All you can do is wait.”

I plan on going into Royal Oak office two days from now and seeing where that will get me.

Obviously I’m not confident that Comcast is going to fix this. To their credit, the people I talked to on the phone where very friendly and apologetic. Unfortunately, they are just small cogs in the machine without any ability to change its course.

The infuriating issue here is that the collection agency, CBCS, actually lied to Comcast about the collection in hopes to get me to pay them $50!

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