Goodbye Sprint. Goodbye Nextel.

Here I come Cingular.

As I stated in a few posts ago I switched to Verizon from Sprint after 10 years. I changed jobs and work says that Verizon is more convenient for everyone. And, hey, they have way better coverage anyhow! Right? Okay, fine, I’ll pay the early termination to get out of my Sprint agreement if you (work) buy me a new 700p to replace my 650. Sweet deal! Right?


I hate my Treo 700p. I loved the 650 but the stability and latency of doing anything in these phones is just sub par. On top of that, like I said before, the service has been worse then Sprint in the places I spend most of my time.

I paid to leave Sprint to go to Verizon.

Less then a year later I will pay to leave Verizon and go to Cingular.

Why? Steve Jobs said it best when talking about the current crop of smart phone offerings:

“I hope you never have to know how bad it is.”

Well, I know how bad it is and if that phone is half as good as the other products that Apple puts out, it will be a complete revolution compared to existing phones.

I can’t wait. iPhone. iBought. iWin.

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