I’m not one to bash Treo Smart Phones or Palm itself. I’m quite a fan actually. I’ve owned both the 650 and 700p. Unfortunately, for people who enjoy tools that are not overly complex and easy to use, Palm is going down the drain.

My 650 was fairly stable. Once in a while it would reboot for no apparent reason but it never affected what I was doing. It never happened during a phone call and was usually when I picked it up the first time and hit power.

I used to tell people to stay as far away from Windows Mobile as you can. Here’s the line I tell everyone. If my girlfriend and I were in a car accident and I was unconscious while she was awake, would she be able to pick up my Windows Mobile phone (specifically, my Verizon Wireless XV6700) and dial 911 to save my dying body? Not a chance in hell. I wouldn’t be typing this story right now.

Despite that Palm hasn’t updated their OS in years, its still at the top of the podium for ease of use. I find that people who have trouble with Palm’s OS and applications are usually deeply entrenched in a Windows computing paradigm. There is no saving those folks and they should continue using what they are familiar with.

I loved my 650. My 700 on the other hand has been an absolute piece of shit.

After enduring weeks of the craziness, I decided to start recording it on my digital camera before I turn my phone in.

I’m in the process of uploading them now to youtube. Here is the first few I’ve uploaded.

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