I’ve about f’ing had it with Verizon. Don’t even get me started on, “Can you hear me now.”

On an aside, I’ve had more dropped calls from Verizon in two weeks then in the past 6 months with Sprint. Maybe its the area I’m in, northern Detroit Metro, but Verizon has horrible service.

I cannot get email or calendar to be pushed to my phone from Doner. I could with Sprint. I’ve spent the past hour and a half trying to setup Verizon’s PC client to forward mail to my phone. (Which by the way is 13.4 times needlessly more complex the Sprint solution) I need to do this because my company doesn’t allow IMAP from the outside and they don’t support anything but blackberries, yet.

Well, Verizon’s client doesn’t support Novell GroupWise. But they do support Outlook. Okay, well, I’ll install Outlook which picks up GroupWise on the backend. Very slick on Outlook’s part. So now I configure Verizon’s client to use Outlook. It responds back saying Outlook is not the default email client, unable to continue. Wtf? Who the fck cares, its installed isn’t it? Its called Outlook.exe asshole. So I change my internet settings to Outlook because fck GroupWise. Retry the installation. It now responds that it is unable to find the mapi dlls that were just installed with outlook. Wtf?! So I restart, maybe windows didn’t pick them up yet. After restart, nothing. Nada.

Okay, so screw that. I’ll just use IMAP instead. I change the config on my wonderful verizon wireless email website to IMAP. Okay, now enter your server information, okay hit save. What? It responds back saying unable to connect to my fcking IMAP server?! Well no shite. You just tried to connect from the outside. When do I get to download my client to run on my PC that will connect from the inside??? What, its external only??? Wtf?!?!!!?!

Okay calm down. Earlier I noticed an option to let Outlook use your IMAP. Okay, fine. Back to my control panel, mail -> show profiles, new Profile, access IMAP on 172.x.x.x and bam. Outlook is now working off of IMAP. Schweet. Slick again on outlook’s part I think to myself. Okay, rerun most intelligent verizon wireless email website setup. Download PC client, AGAIN. Okay, choose IMAP and Outlook. Okay… waiting… connecting… CAN’T FIND FCKING MAPI DLLs!!!!! ARRGGGHHHH.

Why the hell does this have to be so ridiculously hard? With Sprint I went to a nice easy link, downloaded a setup file, installed it, configured it, BAM. Email. On my phone. Right now. Verizon I had to go through a CONFUSING AS ALL HELL website setup with a horrible issue installing in anything other than Internet AssFck err Explorer.

Not that I want to change back to Sprint. That would be a hassle. An cheaper hassle, but still a hassle. But seriously, the only way I am going to get email on my phone now is if I retype the g’damn message into it.

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