So I just switched to verizon wireless from Sprint after NINE years!

I wouldn’t have done it, except for the fact that my employer wants everyone on Verizon.

Now I am starting to regret that. I have a Treo 700p. With Sprint, a Treo 650p. So, with Verizon I have to get the smart phone plan with data minutes. Or, whatever the hell they call it.

I’m paying an extra $45 a month more than I did with Sprint! For the exact same service! Well actually, I’m on the 1350 minutes plan with Verzion, I had 900 with Sprint. Verizon doesn’t have anything lower besides 450 minutes when you are on the Smartphone plan. But to me, its the equivalent plan. I don’t get anything extra out of the deal. And besides, The difference between 900 minutes and 1350 is not $45. They freakin rob you blind.

The coverage area I’m in really doesn’t seem to be at all better than Sprint. I get the same number of bars just about everywhere I’m at. Oh well.

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