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Some baseless comments made by a child who is sick of his friends buying Macs.

Now, I use both windows and mac almost every day at my job. I find OS X and Mac hardware extremely elegant and of the highest quality, right down to the shipped packaging. I also find Windows does some things better. So I’m not exactly on one side of the fence or the other. But I really can’t stand mindless propaganda. So, let me go through their bullshit, point by point.

Why Switch? They try to prove all of apple’s arguments on switching as wrong. Well, it sounds like a fugging kindergarten is arguring these points.

1. The mac… It just works.
They said:

This is maybe the ultimate reason a mac owner will give you to explain why it’s superior to a PC. The mac owner will tell you that all people that own macs are really satisfied with their computers and would never switch back. This is ofcourse not true. If you read our Real stories you will find all kinds of interesting stories about owning a mac.

No shit? So click on real stories. Guess how many “Real Stories” there are? One. Yes, one! Are you kidding me? It is a single story of unsubstantiated rhetoric and anecdotes.

They said:
The mac owner will also tell you that with a system from Apple you will never have to think about drivers, upgrades or anything. A mac is perfection itself when delivered. Atleast according to their standard. Many mac:s can’t even be upgraded. So what you buy is what you get. Expect your system to be outdated within 1-2 years.

What macs are they talking about? Every single mac in recent history can have its entire system upgraded. Every. Single. Component. Maybe not the main board, now. But really, that’s a new computer then. On top of that, a system being out of date in 1 – 2 years is pretty g’damn good compared to the PC side of the fence. When I first bought my Pentium 120 MHz from Packard Bell, two months after the Pentium 100 MHz came out, they released the Pentium 166s three months later.

They said:
Apple also states: “Only with a Mac do you get an operating system built by the same people who built the computer it runs on.”. Actually Apple’s Mac OS X (the operating system) is not based on their own technology, but by the technology of freeBSD. Apple’s own capabilities in form of creating an operating system have been demonstrated in previous versions of Mac OS.

Who the hell cares? Seriously. On top of that, he is wrong. The kernel is Mach from GNU. The Unix system providing normal services (filesystem, networking, device I/O) on top of the kernel is BSD Unix. While FreeBSD sounds accurate, it is not. There are many BSDs, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, etc. Also, BSD is the basis for many operating systems including Sun Solaris and parts of Windows NT, 2000, and XP. So what if Apple took that and created Darwin, an extension of BSD. Every single bit of code they added to make Darwin a 21st century operating system, they gave back to the community. That’s a little bit more than we can say about the Empire that these fanboys are supporting. On top of that everything past the basic OS services came from NextStep, the operating system that Steve Jobs and crew created when he left Apple. This operating system is every bit a 21st OS and it includes ideas and paradigms that are very advanced when compared with the current production code from Redmond.

2. It doesn’t crash

They said:
Yes it does! And it does it alot. The difference between a pc based on Windows crashing and a Mac is that on the pc the crash is in 99% of the cases caused by badly coded third party software, when the Mac just has a faulty operating system.

Well, let me look at the G5 setting next to me. Hmmm… What a coincidence, it has been up for 20 days and 19 hours. Let me take a look at my PC with: net statistics server… What only 19 hours? What a shame. Apparently, I have to routinely reboot my Windows XP SP2 workstation every 2 – 3 days. My mac only goes down when we have a power loss. Andd how the fcsk does this ahole know what causes all the problems that both Mac and PCs may have? Where is his research?

They said:
Why else would Apple themselves run their india website on Linux RedHat?

Well, obviously the only fact I can deduce from that is because OS X is an inferior operating system, completely insufficient for running a website of a separate division of Apple (read business unit and separate decision makers) that has a 1 percent of 1 percent of 1 percent market share in India (read low traffic and local help with no OS X expertise). That statement is not dripping with sarcasm. Neither was that one.

They said:
There is another fun part about crashes on the mac, it’s almost always impossible to trace the source of the crash. When your mac crashes you simply reinstall the system.

That is complete and total bullshit. I have my mac since OS X 10.2. I have never reinstalled OS X. In fact, I’ve simply upgraded everytime a new version of OS X came out. I never had to go through the headache of backing up all my data, formatting, and reinstalling like I have to do on my PC for EVERY SINGLE OS UPDATE. Upgrading windows has *never* been a reliable option. It looks okay for the first few days or weeks but then things start coming apart. Furthermore, it looks like this ahole has never heard of Console. This application will tell you exactly what is going on as it is a window into the system log. This is just a bit more extensive and informational then the Window’s equivalent, Event Viewer.

3. Simply the best in digital music

They said:
This point is actually based on Apple’s iPod. I must admit, the iPod is not an ugly creation. I’ll give Apple credit for that. But as always, they exaggerate the benefits of their product. Apple was far from first with creating a portable mp3-player with a built in harddrive but on the other side they do offer the most expensive solution. The iPod is about 40-60% more expensive than technologically equal products. Keep in mind also that it offers no recording option and no belt clip. Two very crucial benefits a portable mp3-player should have.

You mean they weren’t the people that invented the portalable MP3 player? No shit? That’s terrible news! How can we let this travesty go on! I can feel their market share plummeting as people everywhere read this and throw away their preeecioousssss iPods. Seriously, who gives a flying fawk? We live in a free market society. That means the best product is choosen by consumers and let me tell you something. The consumers have spoken. Apple can charge whatever the hell they want for the iPod. ITS THEIR PRODUCT AND THERE IS DEMAND FOR IT. Oh no! No belt clip?! You fuawking twit! Go buy something else if you don’t like it.

Okay, I give up. I’ve wasted to much time on this and my blood pressure is through the roof. If I go all the way to point #10, I will have a heart attack.

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  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    You’re just as biased as the macsucks guy.

    • mike says:

      I use both actively every day and at least I gave supporting facts to back up my argument versus some windy anecdotes that don’t even come close to what the general industry perception is.

      In the immortal words of Hansel from Zoolander… “Nice Comeback! Ha ha.”

      • drew says:

        hmmm, i had my last computer with xp for 3 years never crashed once. And i had my currents system for over a year with Vista it has been on since i turned it on, Minus when vista updates and restarts comp. None of them evercrashed, havnt seen one of those BSOD’s.

        And what alot i hear about vista being crap and unstable, nothing sopported is all crap, vista is the best os i have used.

        yes i have used leapord and linux at a friends house. never will use em again, couldn’t pay me to use a mac again,

  2. Anonymous Coward says:

    The one objection he didn’t post – and you didn’t answer – is why would anyone want to convert to a machine that only holds 20% market share in computers? I don’t think that Apple programmers are any better paid, motivated, or organized than Microsoft’s programmers. That 20% answers many things.

    First, many more third party developers are inclined to develop for whoever has the more popular market share (including virus developers). Lets see how many virii spring up if Macs ever become popular.

    Second, Windows is built to attract as many hardware developers as possible (unlike Apple). Therefore, you’re otherwise forced to buy hardware that’s more specialized and expensive.

    Third, why reinvent the wheel? Windows powers tablet, desktop, laptop, hand held, cellular phone and server computers of all sizes. It’s obvious they’re doing something right. Apple uses a differentiation marketing strategy to exploit nothing other than Microsoft’s dominance of the market.

    I think Windows can learn a thing or two from Mac, but there’s no reason for anyone to get a Mac unless you want to pay more money for something that makes you feel “cooler.” A few years ago, if you were a sound engineer or graphic designer, it would have been more appropriate. Now that Macs come with Intel chips, the reason to get a Mac would be: Don’t. They’re not worth it.

    • mike says:

      Just 6 years ago, they were at 3% market share of the U.S.

      Source 1: http://www.macobserver.com/article/2004/01/15.15.shtml
      Source 2: http://apple20.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2008/04/01/analyst-apples-us-consumer-market-share-now-21-percent/

      If people wouldn’t want to switch when they are at 21% of the U.S. market, why were they switching at 3%? There isn’t much logic in that argument.

      The huge growth Apple has exhibited is more than just people wanting to sit at the cool table during lunch. That argument is childish. It’s Apple recognizing that people have an intimate connection with the devices and appliances they use every day. (Among many other reasons) Apple creates products people love by designing both beautiful hardware *and* beautiful software.

      The software simply can’t be beat. In fact, any serious nerd that switches is not doing it for the coolness. They are realizing the virtues of clean and intuitive user-interface design.

      In the end, what you pick is what is best for you. I respect people’s opinion there. I do that by putting my money where my mouth is and developing software for both Mac and PC. I’m not going to spread FUD and outright lies because I’m jealous of the other person. I’m going to say, that’s nice, here is my argument, and move on. Use what you want to use.

      Competition is good. We, as consumers, are better off having both Microsoft and Apple in the game.

      • Anonymous Coward says:

        Greetings, I am what somebody would call a programmer nowa-days

        First off, I believe Apple should burn in the fiery depths of hell. Now that that is off of my chest, I would like to point out afew things.

        UNO!- Macs have a dear and cherrished place in the world, mostly high-school drop outs. I know it sounds childish but what allour an eye-candy OS is for the pea brained teens of the decade. they whine and complain because a PC is so confusing while a Mac is sleek and effecient bla bla bla. Mac’s gain the gold medal of the silicon olympics in afew catogories however. Music, Video, General Graphics. *GASP* the immortal words that shall be mis-construde and agrued against! I cant actually claim that Macs are any better at a Vista PC at music, you cant really judge them, but people get all religious when you actually admit to them having better video and desktop/window graphics. ITS A VISUAL OPERATING SYSTEM! No duh they could figure out moving pictures.

        DOS!- If I ever found a TRUE computer nerd who hopped onto a Mac and then 2 minutes later gave me the old Doe eyes and said “But I WUVZ it SO MUCH” I would disown him. (No I am not a fanboy of PC). Mac’s have one thing you can always rely on when it comes to code…turmoil and hardship. Plus an ABHORENT LACK of processing power…at all. Also, games tend to steerway clear of them. Main reasoning…game programming is just glorified code, and code = number crunching = Mac’s lose, PC’s triumph again! Besides, the MacBook Air has a motherboard the size of a pencil *hold your gasping until later*. you say a mac is soooooo easy to fix up and replace…tell me where you would find a new mother-board for THAT thing. Oh, that reminds me, somebody way up high in the posting latter posted something along the lines of “except a motherboard, thats a new computer…” something or other…That is the case ONLY with a Mac. Any halfway decent (and yes, I am writing off a GIGANTIC percentage of the human populas as NON-decent) computer user would new that if your mother-board fails, you can go onto newegg and get a new one for fairly cheap.

        TRES and FINALE ~ OUT DATING TIME!!! Yay…whatever. *said in a whiny voice* “I bought my new PC and two months later a new one came out” WaH! Its called timing your purchase, I could go wait until Apple announces a new Mac, then two months before it comes out I buy an old one. Oh No! I invalidated your argument, thanks for playing. RULE – NO NON UPGRADED PC CAN STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE FOR MORE THAN 2 YEARS…for the most part. Im sure if you spent 50,000 american on a new PC from the Pentagon you could hold off for about 5 years.

        Final verdict- There is no real winner

        Onyl recommendations
        WINDOWS – If you are the person who like gaming (I mean REAL gaming), programming (REAL PROGRAMMING) or number crunching (WORKING STIFFS) this is for you!

        MACS – If you want something that can play your music, surf the web, play videos, and look at pictures (holy crap I described the iPhone) this is for you

        PS ~ THEY BOTH HAVE VIRUSES! Nonbody really cares about making MAC suffer though, because if the put viruses on bussiness computers (WINDOWS) then they can actually get money. Where as MAC’s tend to be used by recreational users.

      • 1337_madara says:

        i hate non-decisive n00bs who say that macs are perfect in evry way then tells pc users that he doesn’t think anyone is better. get a life.

  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    One of the things that bugs me about the whole Mac/Pc argument is the fact that a large % of people talk about Pc’s as thought their all made by Microsoft, when their built of parts made by 3rd party companies and assembled by third other companies. It gets on my nerves when people say that you get a PC and there is a new one out the next day, of course there is… Do you know how many companies make PCs and PC parts?? If you decide to build a PC yourself it’s basically more outdated more with every dollar you choose not to spend on your hardware when building it. To me that’s the beauty of a PC, any person can have any PC which suits their needs and budget.
    To me a Mac seems to be for people who don’t know much about computers. Mac users don’t want the variety that PC offers because they don’t know what hardware they should have in their computers so they let Mac decide for them and tell them which software they can use, instead of having to choose from all that windows software!!

    Comment, I’d like to know what someone else thinks about that

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    you seem like you’re just ranting not really backing up your accusations with anything more than, “Who the hell care…” and other such statements. Well, with that kind of attitude, who the hell cares about some person who just goes on a rant like you do?

  5. Anon says:

    You obviously know nothing about computers, ANYTHING a mac can do a windows computer can do better. and viruses? you would have to be stupid enough to buy a mac to get one on windows. and your argument on ipods? they’re one of the worst mp3players on the market, all they have is good advertisement that appeals to the average idiot. Macs are just a fashion, and like all fashions they’re overpriced, useless and completely retarded.
    people who defend macs have they’re heads stuck further up there asses than that guy in the pic.

  6. bleep you says:

    yea well all OS have advantages and disadvantages. Hardware compatibility is what im concerned about. I am also interested in the price of each component on the chassis. I prefer to build my own pc because i can choose what components i want in my computer and can upgrade it with whatever i want. Mac makes some good stuff and like fan boy said competition is healthy. Yes someone who buys a macbook for 1000.00 usd (minimum options) is probably a stupid high school girl. point made.

    • Pete says:

      i must admit, whilst i am user of windows xp at home (never liked vista a single bit), i do like a lot of things on the mac. they are easier (or should i say less complicated) to use than windows machines, and they are really pretty. However, some things about the mac are pretty annoying compared to windows machines. like web browsing for example. I dont know why, but if i compare firefox on a mac to firefox on windows, the windows one seems better to use (until it swallows up all the memory anyway!) if i alt tab on windows, it will allow me to switch between every window that is open, however, on osx it only lets me switch between open programs (so i cant alt tab to firefox’s downloads window, i have to use a different key combination – this isnt a big problem, but its just annoying!) Also, ive had to make a little javascript bookmark on my firefox links tab just to be able to make the window fullscreen! i dont know if this is needed on newer versions of osx (my girlfriends mac is still 10.4.something) and it drives me nuts. its just a case of getting used to things, i know, but really, it could be a little better. That said, osx IS a very nice system over all. would i buy a mac? no. sorry. its just too damn expensive and does the same thing that a normal pc can do. theres no point. hypothetically though, i would consider it if they made their prices more competetive. Ultimatly they have the same things inside them (except the pc uses a BIOS and a mac uses something else i cant remember the acronym for right now, but i think begins with an E). And yes, my pc at home can run (a modified version of) OSX proving i dont really need to buy a mac to benefit from its operating system. Apple just make it a little too hard for it to be worthwhile using OSX as my main PC Operating system. But it is possible. so a mac is just a glorified pc with a pretty dress on and a newer pair of earings. excuse me while i metaphor all over the carpet.


      as a side note, my laptop has XP, OSX, Ubuntu and Backtrack on it. My cock however is the same size no matter which operating system i use. (unless im looking at porn on XP) 😉

  7. 1337_madara says:

    Lame, you said in the very beginning that everyone sounds like kindergartners then you go on for several pages cussing and ranting on how this is all bullshit. Though you are a bit more alliterate than a 6 year old. I’m sure the virtual community would love to hear about this waste of time and words, but, on the other hand they probably wouldn’t.

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