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A platform with castor wheels does not a spaceship make.

Let’s see about some walls. The depth and width of the ship so is 5’x5’. Because I’m shooting from the hip, I’ll make the walls 5’ tall as well.

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It all began when Kelly’s Grandfather passed away.

People were sharing their memories. He was a great man. Kind and thoughtful and caring. Kelly’s mom talked about how when she was 6 years old, he built her a play house one weekend.  She had so much fun and all the kids in the neighborhood loved it.

I was inspired to do the same for my kids. We had recently visited a children’s museum and they had a cool area with a little wooden box for a place to pretend to fly in outerspace.

Well, that’s right up my alley. I decided I would build a space ship.

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All 6 of us.


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For better or worse, many years from now, my kids will hear a chiptune song on their watch computer and be reminded of building legos.


Following the path less traveled.


A discussion near and dear to my software-developing, services-selling heart: the downward trend of pricing things with hidden complexity.  From the post:

…there is an underserved category of work between direct employment and fixed bids. Between every layperson that has a need and every cookie cutter project, there is a gap. A gap of missing expertise. To fill this gap, we require the foresight to determine what needs to be done, the strategy of the best way to do it, the well-honed ability to execute on an on-going basis, and, certainly, the experience of what constitutes good work.

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I wrote this post over at SideDolla.  It’s some advice for those starting out from my experience over the years.

#4 – Communication is the most important, with a close second, reputation.  The two are linked.

Also, is that photo at the top not the best thing you’ve seen all day?  I LOVE how mad that guy is!


And, as is the trend, each one later and later, meet: Norah Bliss Wille.


She is unique in that she has this Little Pink Tractor Beam that works really well on me.